Why Sitges?


Why choose Sitges for a photo shoot location?

Sitges (pronounced "Sit-Jez") is only a 30-minute ride from Barcelona. Formerly a fishing village, few resorts compare with Sitges' breathtaking Mediterranean landscape, 17 beaches, quaint little streets, delicious restaurants and an active night life.

Sitges' microclimate means that it enjoys sunshine on average 300 days a year. It also plays host to major film, dance and culture festivals. There are reasons to come to Sitges all year round.

The Weather in Sitges is rather unique. Even though it's just 30 mins from Barcelona, the fact that it's surrounded by mountains gives Sitges its very own micro-climate.

Artists and photographers find inspiration from the bohemian atmosphere and the stunning light in Sitges.

There are numerous locations available in Sitges area.

The old Autodrome in Terramar provides a great backdrop for fashion shoots with its enormous high walls, curves and bends.

17 beaches to choose from some include coves, which protect from any possible winds and also ensure more privacy.

The Port Aiguadolc harbour makes a stunning setting, as well as its boats and expensive yachts the general geometric surroundings, lighthouses and breakwaters make ideal backdrops for photographs.

There are also horse ranches available as well as vineyards, mountains and countryside in abundance.

The quaint narrow, winding streets of Sitges provide an optical delight and of course the famous Church of of Saint Bartomeu and Saint Tecla has been used many times as a location in films and photography.

tellier  Fotografo de moda Barcelona Fashion Photo

Location Port Aigadolc: Sitges Harbour . May 2011 a bright sunny day adjusted for winter catalogue.

Sitges at the end of the day Jose Orozco
sitges photo locations

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